The icon is an integral part of life for an Orthodox person. Made of amber, the icon has the Majesty inherent in the unique glow created by the sunlight Shine in amber honey. Traditional gold shades used by Canon in the design of the Holy images, acquire a new meaning, based on the wealth of natural shades of amber, from milky white and transparent yellow to deep red, greenish and even blue.

Icon amber will be a wonderful gift to your loved ones. Due to the sacred content it will retain the calm and peace of mind to its owner. And the unusual technique – using amber chips – puts the icon of amber on a stage with a unique work of art.

We also do icons under glass 15х20см + 120 UAH; 20x30cm +150 UAH; 30x40cm +200 UAH; 40x60cm + 250 UAH.

If You have any questions, please contact us by Email (ambergalleryart@gmail.com), or request a call and one of our employees will call You back.